Source: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

I’ve always been a big fan of things that don’t make much sense so I was glad that on Monday we discussed Surrealism in Film Studies.

We watched Un Chien Andalou by Spanish director Luis Buñuel. There was something appealing about it. It reminded me of a movie I watched not so long ago, Eraserhead. Part of the reason I enjoyed Eraserhead so much was that I couldn’t make sense of a lot of it and it had a strange and eerie feel to it.

One scene from Un Chien Andalou made almost everyone in the class wince. I’m going to include the video below, but if you’re susceptible to eyeballs being sliced then maybe you should take a pass on it. I can’t make sense of its significance but again there’s just something appealing about that?

That’s what Surrealism is all about really. I won’t claim to know everything about it but from what I can gather it can refer to the artistic representation of the unconscious mind and I find that interesting.

Our lecturer brought up Irish author James Joyce in relation to Surrealism and it reminded me of the seminar I took on his writing in Budapest. We discussed this idea of stream of consciousness in relation to novels of his such as A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man and Ulysses.

Stream of consciousness refers to the natural flow of a person’s thoughts as they come; unfiltered. A multitude of things can pass through a person’s brain daily. Based on my own experience much of it is nonsense, but nonsense isn’t always a bad thing.


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